Advanced course

Prerequisite: Basic Workshop

Neste nível, são ensinados os seguintes novos equilíbrios:

  • Rapport: this process will teach you how to create a sense of truth and security in relation to each other, allowing for more effective verbal and non-verbal communication;
    Points of Belief: 12 points of energy in the body will be taught, derived from traditional Chinese medicine, which influence our physical, mental and emotional levels. These points provide valuable information about limitations that we inflict on ourselves from subconscious beliefs, facilitating changes in them;
  • Substitution Balance: this technique uses a substitute to perform muscle testing and balance by another person, who may or may not be physically present. It can also be used for pets;
  • Energy Focus: a process that allows you to focus energy on a point in the body in order to change the energy of a point of belief or correct energy imbalances in ourselves and others;
  • Balance of Central Belief: this process aligns 13 central beliefs that support the manifestation of our full potential in life;
  • Relationship Balance: this experience will help to heal issues with each other, as well as to better understand the lessons to be learned in relationships;
  • Life Connection Balance: “birth trauma” and “fear of death” are two powerful aspects in human existence that can limit happiness. You will be taught how to free yourself from the stress associated with these experiences, freeing yourself to experience the fullness of life;
  • Healing Energy Circle: This experience uses group energy focus, allowing us to experience the extraordinary effects of concentrated and unconditional love.


05 - 08 Jun 2023


All Day


Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Espaço Aroma de Flor