The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious is automatically programmed to make everything that we focus our attention on come true. The conscious mind gives the order and the subconscious does it.

Every creative act begins with an internal process of belief in each one. If you have a conviction about something, your consciousness emits that magnetized energy that immediately activates a vibrational frequency associated with the Creator Center of all things. In this way, every thought is already a mental reality that, if it is fueled by a strong emotion, strides forward to become a tangible reality. But you need to think correctly, with enthusiasm, thus tuning your heart and mind to a single frequency.

Imagine the creative process in you as an energy. And, really, it is so because everything is energy in this Universe. Compare your creative strength to an electric current that comes from far away to your home to power lamps, motors, etc. Why does electricity work? Exactly because it is part of a well-designed project, without which it would still dissipate in the generating plant. Electricity only comes to your home thanks to a network of appropriate conductive wires. In the same way, subtle energies flow to you. The threads that pick them up are your thoughts. The wires that weave your energy flow network must be "plugged" - connected - to the ideal current, through the maintenance of positive and constructive feelings. If so, you will be able to transform into a smart receiving and transmitting power center.

Whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not, the energies are always flowing and you are always attracting those that are in accordance with your emotions, which consist of your true transmitter / receiver apparatus. Therefore, in order to fulfill any desire, you must create strong emotion around it and not just some vague and casual hope.

To better understand this position, let's analyze the following situation:
Suppose someone has lived, at some time in their lives, a terrible experience of failure that has marked a lot. Upon reaching a deep level, this fact was automatically transferred to the subconscious that stored it in a specific area in the form of remembrance. From then on, this started to influence his behavior in future analogous situations, creating a repetitive chain of defeats, whenever the need arose for that person to believe and act for success. This occurs whenever the subconscious sends a negative message, stating that in that type of situation, the ‘order’ is to activate a defeat. So it happened and it will continue to happen forever. The subconscious is a faithful servant of emotions. He does not reason, nor does he judge the information received to be right or wrong, sensible or absurd, true or false. It is limited to reproducing a behavior consistent with the analogous messages previously stored. This is where the conviction of defeat comes in, reproduced unconsciously and indefinitely. In this way, a vicious circle is created that reproduces the failure recorded indelibly in the subconscious. And this predisposition remains until such a person has positive mental energy, strong enough, to alter the negative pattern recorded there. And this is only possible through an energetic and persistent action, aiming at changing the thought patterns, the origin of all creation.

Below, I will give you some essential parameters for you to use, daily, in order to change the negative and destructive patterns of the subconscious:

  • Create, select and filter new positive and constructive thought patterns and try to maintain them for as long as possible, through daily repetition. 
  • Desire what is good and this good will be yours.  
  • Realize that you are what you think and feel all day.  
  • Remember that the positive emotions held in the mind positively influence the subconscious, leading you to readjust to faithfully reproduce your new mental state.

The quality of your emotions will determine the quality of your life. The defeat mentality may have led to defeats and failures throughout your life. But you can change that now by patiently working out the successful mindset. Be certain that your subconscious, who is always a faithful servant, will respond promptly to your new emotional pattern, creating a reality of success and prosperity.

In the higher levels of being, seek harmony with the good and positive things in life. Your subconscious does not discriminate against conceptions or dogmas, just tune in to something that makes you feel good for it to start working for you.

Act, from now on, aiming at building a mentality aligned with the cosmic movement, choosing fair ambitions. 

Replace the fear of failure with confidence in victory. Exchange fear for faith in the Law of Reciprocity. 

Believe in the life process and establish plans and goals, and above all, act motivated by the internal impulse that always tends towards growth and expansion.

Listen to your heart's voice and take the first steps towards real and true internal changes.

At every moment, you are able to choose what you want for your future, given the infinite possibilities that life presents. Choose something that increases your personal vibration, with your awareness awakened to what is good, beautiful and just.

Attuning to positive impressions allows you to overcome, with joy and mastery, the difficulties of life, overcoming destructive and disharmonious beliefs.

Take control and be responsible for your own life, raising the level of your being to a cosmic vibration, in a higher octave, tuning in to the clear and pure frequency of the universe.
It all depends on the direction in which you focus your thoughts and emotions. Your subconscious will always be receptive to your wishes, as long as there is truth in them. Firm will is the great force capable of activating the power of your subconscious. Please! Just be sincere and wish deeply and you will be able to shake the world, says a song.

Many people keep saying that they are not doing well all the time. They like to talk about the negative aspects of life in their conversations, such as: diseases, misery, corruption, thus allowing this negative context to dominate their day, their life. In this context, I ask you: can the mud reflect the sunlight? How do such people want to attract or even develop a mental power, keeping their mind submerged in this mire of negative emotions?

Be different!
Think and feel that life is a wonderful gift that can and should be lived with joy and gratitude. Feel good and your subconscious will immediately attract events, circumstances and experiences that will make you feel better and better.

Now restructure all your concepts about life. Believe that the Universe always wants your personal expansion.

Believe that you are a miniature expression of Universal Mind, a manifestation of infinite life, created with the aim of expressing yourself in the world of forms in a magnificent way. Feed your dreams with faith in the infallibility of Universal Laws, and live with determination and persistence in your actions.

Increase the level of your vibration, changing the focus of your consciousness, making it vibrate above the field of limitations. Your subconscious works according to your vibratory level, creating the experiences that are inherent to it. Print your desires for expansion and growth there and keep them active, vibrating with them through positive emotions and, soon, you will see the results on the space screen.

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