Master Facilitation

Over the years, Rob Williams (creator of PSYCH-K®) and some of the most experienced instructors have developed a variety of protocols, based on fundamental balances. These “extras” are not taught in the Basic and Advanced Workshops due to a shortage of time, but are presented in the Facilitators’ Mastery Workshop. The workshop is mainly aimed at facilitators who use PSYCH-K® professionally.

Prerequisite: Basic and Advanced Workshops

  • Conduct an effective PSYCH-K® session from start to finish.
  • Marketing PSYCH-K® and increasing customer referrals in your practice.
  • Discover spiritual messages that may be present in pain, illness or addiction.
  • Work effectively with children.
  • Make balances to transform traumas and other painful life experiences.
  • Address phobias, depression and anxiety.
  • Transforming allergies.
  • Improve sports performance and fitness.
  • Benefit from balances facilitated with others.
  • Understand messages and meanings of emotions.
  • Use ten creative strategies to find accurate and effective belief statements.
  • Facilitate an effective phone or Skype session


16 Feb 2021


All Day